How To Become An Associate with LegalShield

How To Become An Associate with LegalShield

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Are you interested in becoming an associate with LegalShield? Are you ready to be your own boss? Are you ready to achieve success on your own terms with LegalShield? Whether you’re looking to forge a new path or just make some extra cash on the side, LegalShield makes it easy to start selling, build a team, and earn residual income. And most importantly, you’re helping more people acquire affordable, accessible legal coverage.

Make a difference with LegalShield. Just as LegalShield is simple and intended for everyone, so is the process of selling it. A quick sign-up process, a practical sales model, and the flexibility to work on your own time and in your own way make selling LegalShield perfect for anyone trying to make some extra cash.

Start working part-time or full-time from the comfort of your home with LegalShield as an independent associate. You can work from home or remotely from any location at any time as long as you have a laptop and mobile phone with an internet connection. If you are looking to make extra money working online remotely than here is how you get started!

Become An Associate - LegalShield

Click Join My Team or Image Below To Get Started >>> Join My Team <<<<

    Step 1: Add LegalShield Legal Plan Membership $24.95 / Month >>> LegalShield Legal Plan <<<< (**Required)

Step 2: Select IDShield Individual Starting $11.95 / Month >>> IDShield Individual <<<< (**Not Required – Optional)

Step 3: Add Associate Startup $99.00 / One Time Fee >>> Associate Startup <<<< (**Required)

Add LegalShield Legal Plan (**Required)

Step-1: Add LegalShield Legal Plan For Your LegalShield Membership (*Required) >>> LegalShield Legal Plan <<<< On the next page click continue shopping unless you need any optional supplement with this plan which is not required to purchase during the signup process. You can always upgrade later if needed. LegalShield Membership is month-to-month with no contract or no cancellation fee. The LegalShield Membership has many benefits to keep the membership. I have been a member of LegalShield for over 10 years now. The Legal consultation with the provider law firm is Priceless! They have saved me and my family thousands of dollars over the years.   


Select IDShield Individual Plan - (Optional)

Step-2: Select IDShield Individual  >>> IDShield Individual <<<< *Not required – IDShield Individual is not required to purchase to get started as an independent associate with LegalShield. I highly suggest getting the IDShield Plan or you can get it later once you get started with LegalShield. Select the IDShield Plan if you decide to get the IDShield Protection then on the next page choose the plan that you need then select continue shopping. When you are a member with IDShield and use the benefits than it’s become easier to share the services with others and close more sales. Anytime I promote or recommend a product or service to others,  I use it myself first to make sure this is the right product or service for people to invest their money and time into because I will never promote anything that doesn’t help people or solve their problems. The more problems you solve for others the more money you make. It’s a great feeling and very rewarding to get paid for helping people all day working remotely. My ID has been compromised once and IDShield helped me restore my identity and made sure I got my $4000 back in my account. Today we live in a digital world and cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns in our lives. 

IDShield Individual

Add Associate Startup (**Required)

Step-3: Add Associate Startup To Become An Associate With LegalShield >>> Associate Startup <<<< (*Required) Than click on Go To Checkout. On the next page, you can register as an Individual or Business if you want to use a business name. When you go to the next page select your State. In the first month, your LegalShield Advantage (Prospect By LegalShield Marketing System) is free then it’s $20.95/month. Prospect by LegalShield is a revolutionary way to leverage the high touch of networking with the high tech of internet marketing. Then click on Check Out and fill out the rest of your contact information and create your account during the checkout process. It takes 3 easy steps to get started with LegalShield as an Independent Associate.

LegalShield Associate Startup

Cart Summary

The total amount to get started with LegalShield as an Independent Associate is $123.95 When you get to the Cart Summary page make sure you select your correct State.

Fill Out Contact Information

Fill out the rest of the contact information and complete checkout. You will create your user name and password during the checkout so you can log into your LegalShield Membership account and LegalShield Associate account. If you signed up for IDShield Plan as well them you will get a log in to your IDShield account. You will also get LegalShield Membership App, Prospect By LegalShield App (Sales Funnel), LegalShield Engage App (LegalShield Back Office), and ID Shield App. You will be able to manage your entire LegalShield business remotely using the Apps, marketing system, and online trainings provided by LegalShield.

Your Startup fee of $99 is only a one time fee for life when you get started with LegalShield. There are NO renewal fees once you start as an independent associate with LegalShield as long as you keep your membership active.

If you have any questions during the sign-up process you can call or text me directly at 916.572.8444 or email any questions to shiri@legalshieldassociate.com

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LegalShield Advantage

LegalShield Members Perks (You get discount from 100’s of retailers as a member with LegalShield. You will save more than what you pay for your LegalShield monthly membership $24.95 and LegalShield Advantage $20.95)

Here is the breakdown of your total startup and monthly cost to be an associate with LegalShield

Your total cost today to get started with LegalShield

LegalShield Legal Plan – $24.95 / month

LegalShield Associate Fee – $99.00 (one time only)

LegalShield Advantage $20.95 / month (the first month is free)

Total Cost – $123.95 since the LegalShield Advantage is FREE the first month. (this total amount is without the IDShield Plan – if you purchase the IDShield plan just add the monthly fee to this total)

Here is your monthly cost to stay in business with LegalShield after the first month when you get started.

LegalShield Legal Plan $24.95

Legal Shield Advantage $20.95

Total Cost Per Month after the first month $44.95 (if you purchased the IDShield Plan than just add that amount to the total.)

If you just sell one LegalShield membership a month you will make enough money to pay for the monthly cost or if you use your LegalShield Members Perks for discounts you will save more money than you pay for your LegalShield business. Once you become an associate with LegalShield now you will be getting tax savings for owning a home-based business. I suggest talking to your accountant about small business tax benefits. Looking at the numbers, facts, and figures with the membership benefits it’s a no brainer getting started with LegalShield as an associate.

LegalShield provides its members with a free WILL, Medical Directive & Power Of Attorney which cost about  $1,500. If you have your WILL done you can have it reviewed or updated at any time at no cost. Just getting these three things done pays for 5 years of your LegalShield membership. 

**Disclaimer – I have been a member and associate with LegalShield for over 10 years now and sold 100’s on LegalShield memberships and build a team with many LegalShield associates nationwide and won a free trip for 2 to Hawaii and the won the BMW car bonus. I started part-time while working for corporate American than went full time. If you are looking to make money online and create your own schedule and live life on your own terms than sign up for LegalShield Today! Once you signup with LegalShield and join my team then I will show you how to do Internet Marketing with LegalShield and make money using your laptop and smartphone. Every time you sell a LegalShield membership you get paid by direct deposit the next day by 10 am.     

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How much do you get paid? LegalShield Compensation Plan

** Get paid by Direct Deposit – money in your account by 10 am the next day after each LegalShield Membership or IDShield sale. The more you sell the more you make, you decide how much money you want to make working as an independent associate with LegalShield. The harder you work the more you make. With all the tools and training provided by LegalShield and with the right technology and with Social Media you will never run out of people to share the LegalShield and IDShield memberships while building a team. LegalShield has all the training in place to show you how to be successful in LegalShield. You just have to get plugged in and get committed. You can start part-time ot full-time. It’s simple!