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How To Add An Admin To Facebook Page

Facebook Ads Management

How To Add An Admin To Facebook Page & Assign Roles


When you decide to hire a digital marketing agency to manage your Facebook Page and Ads Manager account the best thing to do is to assign them as an admin role instead of giving them credentials to your Facebook account. Facebook features a variety of roles so you can restrict certain permissions and levels of access within your Facebook Marketing team. Facebook allows you to add multiple admins to your Facebook Page or assign other levels of access and you as the account owner can change the roles or remove anyone from your Facebook Page at any time.

There are 5 different types of roles for people who manage your Facebook Page. When you create a Facebook Page, Facebook will automatically assign you as the admin of the page. As the admin of your Facebook Page, you can add other admins or assign other page roles depending on what level of access you decide to assign. There are no limits by Facebook to the number of people you want to assign page roles. Before you assign anyone to manage your Facebook Page and assign them a Facebook Page role, they must be Friends with you on Facebook or you have to send them a Friends Request.

What are the different Facebook Page roles and what can they do?


The table below outlines the 5 Facebook Page roles and what they’re able to do.

Steps On How To Add An Admin To Facebook Page

This instruction will help you add an admin using a laptop or a desktop computer. Here’s how to add an Admin to your Facebook Page:

First, log in to your Facebook account, then go to your Facebook Page. When you go to your Facebook Page on the left-hand side you will see the Tools menu. If you look at your Tools menu at the bottom you will see “Settings”. Click on “Settings” (You might have to scroll to the bottom of the Tools menu to see the Page Settings tab, depending on your screen size.)


Step 1: Click on the “Settings” tab on your Facebook Business Page Tools menu

Add Facebook Page Admin Step 1


Step 2: Click on the “Page Roles” tab from the Tools menu on the left-hand side of the page. 

Add Facebook Page Admin Step 2


Step 3: Type in the name or email address of the person you want to assign as your Facebook Admin. “Assign a New Role”. As you type in the name in the box, Facebook will give you suggestions from your Facebook Friends list and you can choose the person you want to assign.

Add Facebook Page Admin Step 3


Step 4: Assign the new Facebook Page Role. Choose “Admin” if you are assigning an Admin to your Business Facebook Page. You can also set different roles, each with different permissions.

Add Facebook Page Admin Step 4


Step 5: Once you add the name and assign the “Admin” role then click “Add” and enter your password to confirm. Facebook will prompt you to enter your password to make sure that it’s you that is making the changes. Keep in mind that if you’re not friends with the person you’re adding, they’ll have to accept your invite. The person you assigned the Facebook Page Role will receive a notification to accept the role.

Add Facebook Page Admin Step 5


Once the person accepts the invite for the Facebook Page role you assigned, you will see their name under “Existing Page Roles”. You have successfully assigned a new “Admin” to your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Page Admin Successfully Added

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