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In the day and age of instant gratification, clicks, likes, and shares, marketing for insurance agencies has shifted drastically over the past few years. Digital technology has changed the way consumers shop for and choose an insurance provider: 75% of shoppers obtain quotes and research insurance via the web, and for millennial’s, communicating with agents solely online is the norm. There is no question about it, either – you need a presence on social media, especially Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media network online today. You’d be doing your business a disservice by not being a part of this network. It’s a must-have aspect of marketing that helps maintain relationships with your policyholders and ensures long-term customer value. It also helps keep you top of mind, and you know how important that is for the referral business! Most people that reach out to me wish to know whether or not Commercial Insurance Companies should bother advertising on Facebook. Or would it rather be better to stick to traditional avenues, such as Google Ads? My answer to them is; any marketing executive that has already not been advertising on Facebook honestly deserves to be fired!

Professional campaign management for online search and display advertising

Here are are a few common questions I get from Insurance agents. Does Facebook advertising work for insurance agencies? Should insurance agents use Facebook? If so, how? What should your ads say? Can you actually get clients this way? First of all, advertising for the insurance industry has certain restrictions with online advertising. You need to be in compliance with the regulations in your state and understand what you can do online.

Promoting your insurance agency on Facebook should consist of making new connections and attracting new clients. It should be about helping people with useful tips and genuinely helpful information. This is the idea of social media. Make connections, communicate, and build relationships. Use social media the way it’s intended to be used. Look at Facebook advertising as a way to connect and build relationships. Then look within those relationships for customers.

Facebook marketing done right can drive a stream of targeted leads directly to your agency

There’s often a lot to consider for anyone when buying insurance. Everyone is unique. Everyone’s life and needs are not the same as their friends, co-workers, or even their favorite barista. A conversation with an agent is the best way to get quick answers to anyone’s personal questions before making a financial commitment to a complex service.

Have you ever hit the big blue “Boost Post” button on Facebook? For most agents, this is about as far as they’ve ever gone with Facebook paid advertising. One of the most common responses we get  when we ask agents if they’ve advertised on Facebook is:

“Yeah, we’ve done the Boost Post thing. But didn’t get much out of it.”

Because there’s so much more to Facebook advertising than simply hitting the “Easy Button” aka Boost Post Button. In fact, the default Facebook Ad Campaign Objective for Boosted Posts is just one of 15 Objectives available to marketers in Facebook.

Expose your agency to thousands of ideal customers in your chosen zip codes

Facebook advertising, which can be a great way to target the exact individuals you want with a very specific ad designed just for them, and at an affordable cost. With targeted ads, it’s never been easier to get your brand in front of the right people and at a fraction of the cost of what you might think.

Display Ads and Retargeting

Display Ads and Retargeting is yet another option that can help your insurance agency effectively and affordably advertise online. Retargeting is targeting people that have visited your website at some point in the past. Have you ever notice how when you’ve visited a certain site only to start seeing an ad for their site start to pop-up everywhere you go? Well, that’s Display ad retargeting. The idea behind it is that someone has shown an interest in your business in the past and that it’s going to take a few more brand impressions to make them comfortable with moving forward and eventually returning to your website.

Social Engagement

Become the #1 go-to insurance agency by creating name recognition. Having an attractive social media presence professionally designed for your insurance agency marketing campaigns is important. It helps you look like a professional trustworthy business and also creates brand name recognition. Which one are you more likely to call? The insurance agency that LOOKS legitimate and seems like a business you can trust with your policy and claims.

Geo-Target Local Area

Geo-target people near your agents or branch locations and make ad content local by including a local address and phone number. Using a “Call Now” button in your Local Awareness Ads is also a simple and effective tool for driving calls to agents directly from your ads.

What’s a Facebook Ad Campaign Objective?

A Facebook Ad Campaign Objective is how you tell Facebook what you want to achieve with your ad. Facebook knows a lot about its users. They know who’s more likely to watch a video. Who’s more likely to click a link. And who’s more likely to share a post. Campaign Objectives allow you to deliver your ad to people who are more likely to take the action you’re running your campaign for. For example, if you want more targeted traffic to your website you would select the “Clicks to Website” Objective. If you want more Video Views you would select – you guessed it – the “Video Views” Objective.

Ad Copy Writing For Insurance Agency

As an insurance agent, you have a lot more expertise and life advice to offer than you might realize. One way to make the most of your Facebook page is by sharing your knowledge about policies and related areas.

Let’s face it, we are never going to lay it all out in one article when it comes to the creation of Facebook Ads. That is why I have come up with the Facebook Ad Setup Plan, to help you get going when it comes to the creation of Facebook Ads for your business. Sign up today, and you will get the following;

  • Help to create your campaign.
  • Help setting up your ad account.
  • Help to choose the right kind of audience.
  • Help with Ad copywriting.
  • Help with graphic designs

Social media marketing entails a commitment to being social. Your prospective customers want to interact with you on social media to get to know you as a persona, not a company. This is an important thing to remember within independent insurance agencies.

Capture Attention With The Right Ads

To maximize your insurance marketing dollars, you need to capture the identity of those interested prospects so you can follow up with them, keeping your business top of mind so when they need a new or updated policy, they’ll call YOU! How? With that lead-capture form.

When marketing for insurance, it’s important to recognize that while most insurance shoppers research insurance online, only 25% follow through with buying online. Conversation and engagement matters. And what better way to create a conversation than by leveraging your digital marketing to drive more calls to your agents. Facebook is a great platform for quickly connecting insurance shoppers with your agents.

For a number of years, a traditional approach including advertisements, yellow pages, and word of mouth was somewhat effective. But today’s consumer is spending less time reading the local paper and spending more time online. Insurance agents that recognize this shift can still get out in front of the curve and take advantage of the changing habits of your target market.

Many Facebook business pages organic reach (that’s how many people you can reach for free) have declined sharply. For some, it’s as low as 2 PERCENT, and taking into account Facebook’s January 2018 newsfeed changes, you can pretty much say “sayonara!” to your page’s posts being seen by your prospects for free. The way to reach your target audience on Facebook is paid advertising.

Target Custom Audience For Insurance

You can use Facebook’s detailed demographic data to search for potential customers looking for insurance services. You can filter your search by zip codes in your target area. You can use other tactics like the search for men and women above a certain income level. Facebook will allow us to run many little tests. Naturally, most won’t perform very well, but we’re looking for 4 or 5 that are ‘home runs’. From there, you scale up the audience knowing you have a magic formula. You can measure analytics data such as advertising metrics, page-level metrics, engagement rate, total page “likes,” and other metrics. Facebook marketing campaigns are an ongoing process. We respond to what works and move on fast from what doesn’t work.

Over time, you’ll start to notice which types of ads, markets, platforms and targeting is actually producing customers and double down on the ones that are. Oddly enough, sometimes you can have very well performing ads that just attract tyre-kickers. On paper, it’s great but in reality, they don’t pay. On the other hand, you can have a badly performing ad that actually filters people out, leaving on the very interested people clicking.

 A/B Test Your Ad

A/B testing is the process of running two or more ads at the same time to see which ones perform better. Often times, the differences between these ads are small and contain the same or similar messaging. For example, the differences between ads may just be in the color. On Facebook, you have multiple A/B testing options. You can test the visual elements by creating two banner ads and seeing which performs better. You can also test between different ad types. Maybe driving traffic to a landing page on your website doesn’t work as well as using Facebook’s on-site Lead Ad forms.

At any given time, run at least two ads. Whatever the best performing one is, try and create something that performs even better. You can also tweak your website’s landing page design based on your analysis.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available to insurance agencies that are interested in online insurance advertising. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your insurance agency.

No matter your firm’s size or location, a strong, effective, and cohesive brand strategy and design help to convey your company’s quality, credibility, value, and experience. When it comes to marketing your products and services, those that have a strong brand hold an enormous competitive advantage.

There’s never been a better time to get started than now. Whether you already have a marketing plan in place and need some help, or you’re ready to start from scratch. We would love the opportunity to be your Insurance Marketing Partner!

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