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Shiri Prasad, came from Fiji Islands in early 1998 with big dreams and goals and started his new life in Sacramento, Ca and in 2014 he relocated to Silicon Valley, Ca to expend his Digital Marketing company. Shiri took the leap as a full time entrepreneur after working for corporate American, DST Systems, Inc for 14 years as an Operations Group Supervisor with a degree in Information Technology from Heald College and University of Phoenix. Shiri helps entrepreneurs, startups and small to large businesses in getting their marketing message across to their targeted customers. Shiri was born and raised in Fiji Islands but have been living in Sacramento CA, since 1998. He left home when he was 18 yrs old and his first international travel was to New Zealand. Shiri got his first exposure to Information Technology in 1996 by his  younger brother Ray Prasad who got a scholarship by the New Zealand government to study in New Zealand in 1995. After visiting Wellington Poly Tech University, Shiri was extremely fascinated by the technology and where the future of technology was headed, from Industrial Age to Information Age. He started understanding the power of technology and how it will impact our daily human lives in years to come.

Shiri came to United States in 1998 and got his first job in corporate America in a couple of months. As soon as he became full time with the company he immediately took advantage of the college tuition reimbursement program and started college perusing a major in Information Technology. Shiri graduated college with a 3.76 GPA. Shiri resigned from DST Systems in 2014 to pursue his dreams and goals full time in Real Estate Investing and Information Technology which he was building part time for many years.

After graduating college he bought his first house in 2001. He flipped his first house doing for sale by owner then bought his second house in 2002 and flipped his second house doing for sale by owner and then his third house in 2004 and kept growing and also helped many families flip their properties doing for sale by owner during the real estate boom. That’s when he decided to learn everything about Real Estate Investing and got into real estate investing flipping properties. In 2008 Shiri attended Nouveau Riche University in Arizona for two years to become an educated real estate investor and opened his Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). In 2012-2013 he also did international real estate investments with his brothers in Wellington, New Zealand while staying in New Zealand for a year.

After many years of successful Real Estate Investing and Internet Marketing business ventures, in 2014 he decided to launch his second company which is a digital marketing agency, eEscape Marketing Services which he was building part time as well while building his real estate investment company. He opened an executive office in 2014 in Sacramento, Ca with a satellite office in Silicon Valley. Shiri has been working with clients in the greater Sacramento Area, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and across USA with a team of developers.

He started eEscape Marketing Services to help start-up companies, med-large businesses, home based business owners and entrepreneurs by providing Digital Marketing Consulting and creating online marketing systems such as Custom Website Design & Development, Graphic Designs, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Internet Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Integration, Software Development and Integration. 

Shiri’s  main priority as an entrepreneur has always been to provide high quality, long term, trusted, as well as successful relationships with his clients and help build better business brands. Shiri firmly believe that success can only be achieved in a long term, sustainable way if the relationship is mutual. He understand the client’s needs of providing quick, reliable and successful marketing results, which is an essential part to any of his projects. His approach is to focus more on providing high quality services to all of his clients compared to a mass marketing approach.

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