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Hey, welcome to my personal blog. It’s super cool to have you here. Hope we get to connect someday!

I specialize in providing digital marketing services and solutions that are successful, innovative, professional, and high quality. My ultimate goal is to deliver high return-on-investment using creative internet marketing strategies. I focus my attention and efforts on achieving a reputation for excellence within the digital marketing industry. I understand that respect is earned through leadership, commitment to service, quality, and results and with over 20 years in the information technology industry, and working on million dollar projects my passion is helping entrepreneurs and start-up companies accomplish their business and marketing goals. I work with like-minded entrepreneurs to create and build brand awareness.

Here is my story!

I was born in Fiji. I have been living in Sacramento, Ca for over 20 yrs. I have been living a life of a full-time, digital nomad since mid-2014. In other words, traveling and living in different states within the USA, overseas and working remotely. I work on projects for my clients remotely and so does my entire development team. Our daily operations overhead expenses are low so we are able to pass the saving to our customers. My team is located across the USA and offshore as well. I am currently living in Shingle Spring, Ca and Pacifica, Ca. (few mins drive from Palo Alto, Ca  – Silicon Valley). My son lives in Kansas City, Kansas so most of the time I am in Kansas City, Kansas as well otherwise my home base is Ca since my daughter lives here.

Usually, I am always working on my client’s website or social media campaigns so I don’t get to spend too much time on my own blog and websites. So if you guys don’t see me much activate on my blog or social sites that means my ass is busy working on a hot project with deadlines. Here on my personal blog, I get to speak my own mind and share the latest and the greatest tools or software you need to reach your online marketing goals. My personal blog is my own voice without any corporate bullshits. If you don’t see the answers to your questions on my blog, all you gotta do is shoot me a message and I will do the best I can to help you out.


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